Who was a truly understand the property is that it is the best of the district’s of the county records in the streets of the nil spring out the information to get it to make the right decision even if you have the right information you can still completely screw-up Qualified property values so this is where the next part comes in and that is who is making a comparison is from here you know investigators a lot of people that love computers and computers to do a lot of great things they can calculate very efficiently very consistently.

Massive number crunching well computer still see the bigger picture computers don’t know we may have been program with the puppies they don’t know that look outside themselves ahead of the bus they can’t tell what the numbers look wrong after they calculated something and so what happens is we have a lot of people who watched computers to make decisions for them would technically that this role.

A computer is to help you be more of form so you can make three decisions humans are not computers we have this wonderful ability to do all sorts of things that at this point especially in the real estate investing world technology is not available yet to duplicate.

The human brain and so what happens is this do things like truly a in so many other of these systems you know they’ve made a lot of headway and they are doing better and better all the time but they have massive weaknesses it one of those witnesses is there to write all their information from the county records tax assessor is what it meant bedrooms bathrooms where footage worshiped at all the wrong and then not only reason that they’re dead trying to figure out which properties are compare hall and they’re doing a circle.

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