The art thingy that the crack sometimes a great great down great down the hallway but especially if the the outsider the house hasn’t been I’m water hasn’t been forced to witness foundation your readers control to oh yeah yeah thank you yeah yeah so just understand that when you’re looking at a slab I don’t know that I want to make an adjustment for it but I would really like to see you involve yourself with houses that are on slabs or maybe crawls or whatever just know that there are some kind of a factor.

There okay I don’t have this in the notes either I want you to put the word-by level a lot of buyers do not like them okay they do not like to hit that front door and go upstairs or downstairs immediateness fired all in all a little tired all I have no I’ll alright how do I guy they lot where they way of the hotel well if they’re not bad at all for you before a lot that they not that differential route but my arm lol killer deal basement a little Yahoo but well but yet all primary.

I go out into the Property Valuers and how could you try to motivate people wanted to try level as opposed to a multilevel are still alive although and those are my land where you have it yeah I’ll cause but my home well as you got more but I’ll well over yeah because hardliner her that we’re working very popular okay I’m okay good profanity an update that I don’t there are slabs in a while well no I don’t mind by levels.

Just don’t like what I would never live on a slab have a great time I’m asthmatic and you know I just walk there weren’t too many mole the slab houses and stuff so have a great basin sources none not much very little as a matter a fact arm over , dollars increase the numbers by fifty percent basements typically costs about twenty five dollars a square foot to build someway range maybe a little less.

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