Correctly but it is nonetheless recognized as one of the sort of front-running techniques use value our companies or even individualistically so to sum up when you’re looking at different ways to value a company it’s pretty unusual at some point if you don’t think about using discounted cash flow to generate one of the numbers that you needy talk is on the economic valuation method speed to focus on on Irene ecosystems I should right from the start say that my own experience it’s primarily on by or economic.

Analysis and valuation of Fisheries I do not have the grades a lot of experience in valuing the other parts of of marine ecosystem so what I’d percent really is certain materials which I have taken for model studies and from the literature it’s very difficult to be solo scythe complete expert in that in that field but they are references I have Scandium you can go to the end sandlotter before law full of you an understanding but I think it boosted the useful for your in in a in a way to get an introduction toot the topic.

Rather than afford coverage so my presentation released a gift for the framework to event evaluate natural resources ecosystem to focus on marrying resources I review the methods to assess the value of ecosystems to you when baby I visit briefly talk about the system of integrated economic and environmental accounting as a means to keep the continuous recalled of the use statelessness environmental resources and then but what are some of the critique is evaluation issues I think we already have for couple some some of these Opp.

That most of us soul sometime some basic consideration if you go to this to this issue of evaluation the in economic form an economic anger the the you almost all misuse of ecosystems this cop on by human behavior expressed in individual and society choices-the the idea of choices is fundamental in economics its relief all preferences what we wish to it she fought previous to consume.

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