Preempted pressure probably do a significant buy back at today’s prices but what do Know finally to expand its peer group comparison I ran a market regression however this is the debt ratio look at what Perot differences in their creations across companies I took a dividend payout ratios and Evelyn Diaspora us’ companies but before you get too excited about either of these regressions notice they are squares are pretty low % a % there’s a lot of dividend policy.

I cannot explain based on fundamentals and the fundamentals reused were the beta capture the risk of the company my argument is Property valuers Melbourne higher risk company should be adolescent evidence higher growth companies should be are lessened evidence and companies with higher debt ratios can afford to pay out-more in evidence because the more cash of the signs are all in the right direction.

But that’s neither here nor there so the regressions you can use to plug in the numbers for any company to come up with what the youth and payout ratio should be for the company given how the rest of the world is setting Fraser if you want they are paid that in dividend yield aggression thereon my.

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