On toa better financial future because we Mohave listeners who write interest to say that they are inspirational business weave quite a lot of them it’s a look I’m trying to learn from you guys and implement some of this stuff get my house in order so that I can actually have that ambition to invest with a lot of young people who are in a position to invest in there trying.

To get the house in order that’s a really good initiative for you mean it’s not true everyone says about pennies you could blow this is that who says that what are they well where are they ibis office just going tithe questionable look yeah but um yeah no good stuff so if anyone if anyone wants to learn a bit more about that we will put that up on the congregationalist you and check that out hey.

Ben we got a new website coming have we not not that far away no pressure okays looking after that oh well I was conceived obviously getting a little definitely get done if it was you and Ito be six months away yeah every six months maybe that’ll be pretty cool soil anyone hasn’t downloaded our money smarts system yet go to the property couch knock on door I you and now download that’s the very principle household money management relies on understanding that it’s free resource the.